Private party

2022 11 24 - 2022 12 23

The drawings shown in the exhibition give an insight into the artist's creative process. The drawings created for the exhibition may later develop into other paintings, or they may remain as a captured moment of creative exploration. It could be said that it is not even the drawings that were created for the exhibition, but the exhibition that intervened in the creative process. The title of the exhibition speaks of this, as if inviting us to participate in the creative process, in the life of the artist herself.

Jūratė Girdvainis's works seem light, as if they were created with one light touch, as if a single word were spoken in silence. It is imprinted on a piece of paper. Often in the work, we see a single object against a blank background that says it all. For the artist, objects are the mirror of the world.

Jūratė Girdvainis is a young generation painter who graduated from the Vilnius Academy of Arts with a Master's degree. She has had seven solo exhibitions, and her works were presented at the "ArtVilnius '21" art fair.

Curator Elena Antanavičiūtė


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